Selected Articles

Selected Articles

When I first began to write, I was told that it takes about a million words to become a “real” writer. I set out to write for the local newspaper, The Conta Costa times, first as a “stringer”, then reporter, and finally a columnist.   Meanwhile, I continued to write articles and stories for magazines, many reflecting my new interests as a young mother and teacher.

Magazines and Newspapers

Smithsonian Magazine: “First Heroic Trek Across the Wild Land To California

San Francisco Magazine:

                ”Why The Fuss About School Buses?”

                “Edgar Kaiser, Tycoon Of Today”

Reform Judaism Magazine:

                “Interview with Leonard Nemoy”;  

                “My Return”

The Horn Book: “Why Vampires”

The Writer Magazine:

                “Characters With A Fourth Dimension”

                “Let Dialogue Drive Your Story

The Palos Verdes Review: Four Poems

Parents’ Magazine:

                “A Playgroup For Preschoolers”

                “Why Children Are Crazy About Nursery School”

                “What’s Good For The Gifted Is Good For Everyone”

                “Rules Are Made For Breaking—Now and Then”

                What’s In A Game?”

PEN Magazine: “The 12th Of April, 1945”

America Baby: “Hear No Evil”

Your New Baby: “Spend An Hour, Save A Day”

Together Magazine:

                “We Enjoy Christmas, Too “

                “Speech Is Great, But…”

Jewish Observer Of The East Bay:

                Book Review Column

                “Interview With Isaac Singer”

Conta Costa Times Columns:

                “The Vagaries Of Earthlings”

                “Moraga Milestones”

Los Angeles Times: Op Ed

Christian Science Monitor: “Operation Moses”

Ingenue: “All Join Hands” a story

Jewish Frontier: “Another Season” a story

News Explorer: “The Story of the Samovar”

Discovery: ‘I cannot Say What I Think” a story

BabagaNews: “The Reunion” a story

“Sonata Pathetique” a story