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  • I cook too much
    I cook too much

 I love to hike, especially in the mountains of Alaska, Utah, Colorado and Canada.  Mountains and forests have inspired me since I was very young.  They often appear in my work, both in fiction and in art.   I like to cook and to entertain.  Food has to be delicious and healthy and, hopefully also creative.
My other interests are playing the piano, listening to classical music and reading.  My tastes go to literary fiction, biography and history.  I also read YA literature to keep up with recent works and because I very much like that form of writing. Recently I self published a book of  poems, titled “Kaleidoscope, Fifty Seven Poems of Life and Love.”   Most of the poems are dedicated to  my family.   

Every day some of my time is devoted to my dogs.  I never met a dog I didn’t like.  My husband accuses me of talking to every creature I encounter, even crows flying overhead and spiders climbing up the wall.  This is true.